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Та самая история о том, как Тим Рот роль "Рыжего" получил...

Making deals, kissing people, one hell of a business.
Someone HAS to write Tim Roth/Tarantino slash

Why? Cause this is how Tim Roth got the part in Reservoir Dogs:

"So, we get together at a delicatessen and we have a big long talk, but Tim ain't reading it. So, eventually Keitel goes like ''Ok'', and leaves...and Tim and I just keep going, it's like 8 o'clock at night. And he's like ''Okay...you wanna go somewhere else?'' and I say ''Yeah, let's go to a bar''. And we're getting drunker and drunker, and keep talking about movies and life. We're two young, passionate men [something, something..I'm not a native English speaker, and Tarantino has some weird speech patrons, so I don't know how this sentence ends). And all the passion, and opinions, and this guy's just so fucking cool, alright? And I think he must been thinking the same thing about me, and we're just knocking back the beers, man, and you know, getting drunk the way you can do with a British guy. So, we're getting smashed, and now it's like 20 minutes to 02:00, and we're totally shit-faced. And TIm goes: ''You know what? I'll read for you then. You want me to read? I'll read. I'll read your fucking sсript. Here we go.'' And I say ''Well, I don't have the sсript now. But I remember the scene. Let me just get some piece of paper, and I'll write the dialogue out for you.'' And he goes like ''No, no, you don't have to do that. I got the sсript at home. Let's go to a liquor store, pick up some beer, and I'll read the fucking sсript for you.'' Then we go to the store, pick some more beer, then we go to his house and read the entire sсript". and have hot, amazing sex.

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